One Click Website

One Click Website Builder

Our exclusive One Click Website Builder can build a professional, personalized website in a few minutes. All it takes is you and your computer.

Before you can start creating your presence on the web, you will need an address for it. Our One-Click Website Builder allows you to customize a free, branded URL for your website. This will provide you with a web address using our domain, for example,

If you already have a domain name or want to get one on your own, that is fine too. We will simply transfer your website to that URL.

Next, you will pick from our wide choice of templates for your site. All our templates automatically reformat for viewing on mobile devices. We also offer specifically targeted templates based on your site’s purpose and industry.

For example, promoting a catering site, obtaining clients for a tax service, or updating family members on the progress of your pregnancy. Whatever you need your website for, we have a template for that. And if we don’t, we offer customized services as well.

Now that your new website has a distinctive look, you can add some customized features. Play with the built-in tools that allow you to tweak the page layout, fonts, and scheme, you can also add new pages. To that end, our Website Builder offers several sub-template options.

We have pre-made sub-templates for some of the most common pages from which to choose. These pages include contact, blog, about, galleries, products, FAQ, etc.

The Chester Website Shop also offers easy avenues for you to add custom content to your website. The Website Builder has tools to add photos, widgets, text areas, and buttons. We also have a choice of third-party widgets that allow you to add things like social feeds, forms, reservations, and chat.

Our Website Builder also offers to restrict your placement of these objects to give you a little helping hand if design is not your forte. If you feel you can manage on your own, simply don’t check the box for “design help” when setting up your account.

Whether you are setting up a personal website to share things with your family or a professional website that will be the cornerstone of growing your business, our One Click Website Builder can make you a site to be proud of in only minutes. Sign up and check it out for yourself.