Forum IG MARKETS Custom Website Building

The Chester Website Shop’s tailored website services will take your website to a professional level, thanks to our team of highly experienced developers. Our web designers and developers are trained to listen to your requirements, needs and preferences in order to develop an online platform that would fit your specific needs and vision. This unique and personalized website will translate your thoughts into a visual story, an important story that you would like to tell your customers and clients. Our professional team are experts in their field and are always looking for new challenges and clients. The latest project of The Chester Website Shop was the development of a forum called forum IG MARKETS, which is an additional part of the online trading company IG markets. They requested our company to develop a forum where new members and traders were able to talk, sharing thoughts and communicate with co-members. The goal of this forum was to develop an inspiring and educational environment, accessible for every online trader at IG Markets.

Our developers used an existing template, that we often like to use for forum projects. From this template it is possible to build up a tailored forum, that is also included with new features and elements. We created a dynamic and technological forum where we integrated a variety of customizable features. The forum looked highly professional and educational at the same time, which was the main goal of our team. We created a forum which can only be entered by the members of IG Markets. This means that online users first need to register a personal account at the online trading platform, before they are getting access to the forum. Since this forum is an addition the online trading platform, they wanted to keep it exclusively. Forum IG Markets offers different packages where you can choose from. The free membership allows members to communicate on the forum with others and getting access to the digital library. The more advanced membership will also include some highly recommended e-learning tools, a virtual assistant and a daily tip & tricks alert.

Besides working on the forum, our developers also added some advanced options to the general website of IG Markets. With these options, the company is now able to use features such as product promotions, email marketing and sales of digital downloads. Soon we will add the entire forum project into our digital portfolio.

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