Next level!

The Chester Website Shop’s custom website building service takes your website to the next level. By working with our professional web designers and web developers you can develop a website that fits your specific needs.

Before you can start construction on your web home, you will need an address for it. We can help with that. We will secure a URL of your choosing for you and design your website for that address.

You will then work closely with our professional web designers and web developers and create a uniquely personalized website. A large part of this collaboration will be speaking with those designers and answering questions so that they can get a feel for you, your business, and your web design needs.

From there our pros design and develop a portfolio of individualized templates for you from which you can choose a look for your web presence. Our pros are experts in their craft and we have several customers based on word of mouth advertising based on their skill alone.

In addition, the templates created are mobile-friendly by automatically converting for mobile use. It is a fully responsive webpage. Responsive design is the hottest thing in web design today. It is what allows users to stretch and draw the screen and use their finger to activate features.

However, as far as SEO goes, search engines only care that a website can displays well on all mobile screen sizes. Your Chester pro will perfect your website for search engines. We want you to be as close to first on the search lists as possible and for this, we keep an eye on your keyword ranking on rank checker sites.

Our service also allows you to preview how your web pages look on mobile devices. We will also help with customizations exclusively for mobile viewing. For example, our pros can tell you whether an element will work well on smaller screens and/or create a splash landing page to greet mobile viewers.

Once your template and mobile conversion elements are set, it is time to add some custom features. Choose a font, add elements you want, decide on what pages your website needs, everything that makes your site uniquely you is taken care of in this step.

While you are busy running your business, our pros will be hard at work building you a custom site that can take your brand to the next level.

Now that your new website has a distinctive look, you can add some customized features. Play with the built-in tools that allow you to tweak the page layout, fonts, and scheme, you can also add new pages. To that end, our Website Builder offers several sub-template options.

The most common pages in web design are About Contact, Blog, Galleries, Products, and FAQ. Our pros tie these pages in with your home page and then make little tweaks to make them more personalized for your needs.

Our professional web designers will add photos, widgets, text areas, and buttons to your web pages to make them appealing and user-friendly. They will also choose third-party widgets such as social feeds, chat, reservations, and forms to your pages to make them pop.

In addition, our web pros can help you set up your web page to have a shopping cart feature and to process credit cards. In fact, they can build a completely autonomous checkout process for your sales.

Web Pros

Some of the more advanced options available only throughout web pros are:

  • Product promotions
  • Email marketing
  • Inventory tools
  • Shipping tools
  • Sales of digital downloads
  • Place advertisements on your site
  • Much, much more!!!

We customize every element of your website to meet your exacting demands.