About us

Us at The Chester Website Shop!

Those of us at The Chester Website Shop take immense pride in giving outstanding service and web design to our customers. We are excited to see your businesses grow with our web design backing it.

It started in 2015. John Snow founded The Chester Website Shop while providing IT (Internet Technology) services. While this was earning enough to pay the bills, Snow grew bored with answering the same “I can’t log in, my computer is broken” calls day after day after day.

He wanted to do more.

Having built and designed websites as part of the services he provided to some of his IT clients, he now had nine years of experience it that industry as well. His segue into a website development service was a natural pivot for him.

With a background in social science, fine arts, and technology Snow found himself in the unique position to offer websites that are:

  • Emotionally engaging
  • Usable
  • Accessible
  • And so much more!

These attributes have proven to be valuable differentiators.

Thus, the business began to soar. Here we are, three years later and we are a company with two new owners or investors (as they like to be called), several college-educated web designers and developers, and a host of coworkers who are more like family.

We have grown out of the pitfalls every new business faces and are a fully developed and grown company that is ready to handle your website construction needs. We have even grown out of our original offices.

Today we are based out of London. Right between two pubs.

We have worked with clients all across the great United Kingdom, some of our closest neighbors, and even across the Atlantic in the United States. We have lead local website centered gatherings, made our own line of products, held conferences, and were invited to speak at professional gatherings. We have even hosted a few podcasts.

What we want..

Now that we have made it through the growning pains stage, we have focused our attention on creating relationships with our clients that last. We want to be more than just your web developers, we would like to think of you as friends. With as much time as we will spend learning about who your company – and thus you – really are.

Even more than that though, we want to see you succeed!

We gauge our success by your success.

If you and your business do not thrive and grow through your custom website, we will help you figure out why and correct the problem. Your success matters to us.

We are passionate about making sure that …

  • Language is clear and concise
  • Systems
  • Usable
  • On-brand
  • Graphics are acceptable to all
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Emotive
  • Interfaces
  • Clear

From workflow charts to detailed user interface models, we absolutely love crafting and shaping the website experiences for our clients.